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 1 Day Lash Lift


The latest Revolutionary Advanced Lash Enhancement Treatment is now available for you to learn!!!
This class is available for Licensed Cosmetologist and Estheticians only.

Give your clients an instant "root lift" and offer a way to transform their natural lashes by giving the illusion of luscious, curled lashes without the use of a manual curler, synthetic eyelash extensions or even mascara.

The 3D Keratin Lash Lift is the only Lash Lift you should consider for your clientele if you want to offer the best available today in the industry. Safe and gentle on the lashes, and your client's lashes will be healthier, shinier and more hydrated!

The old fashioned eye lash perming system used curling rods that would literally "curl" the lashes back and in many cases, if done incorrectly, left the lash looking short, over curled and stumpy. By treating just the base(or root) of the lash and using silicone shields instead of sticky rollers (less fuss and mess), the new improved 3D Keratin Lash Lift system eliminates the unnecessary over curling and is an advancement on chemical texturizing of the lashes. Leaving lashes still naturally long, luscious and lifted to perfection.

  • 6 HOUR COURSE - most comprehensive in-person training available

  • Practice on Model

  • Training Manual

  • Kit

  • Lunch

  • Certification - Official Certification will be awarded to students who fulfill requirement standards set by The Occhi’ Institute. .

Cost: $895


Please call 630-785-6668 to check available dates for specific classes, or check our quarterly class schedule to reserve space.

Occhi’ Institute can train students in any form of eyelash extensions (Beginning, Advanced, Volume or Advanced Volume), and certify them in these skills. While being certified, you MUST have a Cosmetology or Esthetics License to perform these services on clients.

If you possess a Cosmetology or Esthetics License, you must provide a copy to Occhi' Institute prior to the class. The fee you pay to Occhi' Institute is for training and certification in Eyelash Extensions, not any form of license.

If you live in a different State, it is your responsibility to understand the laws of the State in question regarding performing services.