What is the class structure and schedule?

Occhi Institute offers classes that range from 1 to 4 days. Classes always start with theory. Theory is followed by tool and product information. Then you will start practicing hands-on with mannequin heads. After plenty of hands-on practice, you will work on models under your instructors’ supervisions. Classes end with a wrap up of information, paperwork, and certificate pictures. You are encouraged to ask questions at any time. Your instructors will check in with you throughout class to make sure you are feeling comfortable with the information.

The class schedule is available here

How many students are in a class?

Occhi Institute believes that individual attention is key to a great education. We keep our classes small, no more than 5 students in each class, so you get the time you need with your instructors.

What time do classes begin and end daily?

All classes begin promptly at 9:00 AM and end between 3:00 and 4:00 PM.

Is there time allotted for lunch?

Occhi Institute provides lunch for every day of class. Please let us know when registering if you have any dietary restrictions.

Do I have to use the products provided in my kit to work on models?

No, during class you will use Occhi Institute’s supply of product. The kit you receive at the end of class is for you to begin your career with.

Do I have to purchase products from Occhi?

Unlike many training companies, Occhi Institute does not sell products. Our focus is to provide you with the most thorough lash and/or brow education. You will leave class with information on product from vendors that we have personally tested and approved.

Do I work on models during the class?

Absolutely! At Occhi Institute, we believe the best way to learn is by doing. Depending, on the class you will work on at least 2 models. * We highly recommend you bring your own models to class. This gives you the opportunity to follow up with them and see how your work held. If you can’t bring your own models, we will provide them for you.

*One day classes include one model session.

What if I need help after class?

Occhi Institute is here to support you on your journey to becoming a great Lash and/or Brow artist. We will gladly answer questions and offer feedback on your work after you’ve finished the class. If you feel you need a more in-depth refresher, you can contact us about sitting in on another class. *

*Authorized on a case by case basis. Subject to availability. You must bring your own manual, product, and models.

What’s the EyeTec System?

The EyeTec system allows us to record your work in class and send it you via email or text with audio and visual critiques. You will also receive videos from your instructors demonstrating proper techniques. It’s a great learning tool that allows you to get a deeper understanding of the service you are learning. You can access these videos anytime you need. The EyeTec System also allows you to send videos to your instructors for feedback even after class has ended.

Do I have to be licensed to take a class?

It is your responsibility to verify the regulations regarding eyelash extensions, lash lift, microblading, and permanent makeup for the state you will be practicing in.

In the State of Illinois, you must have a cosmetologist or esthetics license to perform eyelash extensions or lash lifts. These services are regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations.

In the State of Illinois, in order to perform Microblading or Permanent Makeup services you must have a Blood Bourne Pathogens certificate and be certified by the Illinois Department of Public Health as a Body Art Establishment.

Do I get a license?

Occhi Institute does not provide licensing. At the end of class, you will receive a certificate of completion. If you are interested in becoming a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, you will need to contact a school of cosmetology or esthetics. For Microblading or Permanent Makeup, you must contact the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Is Occhi Institute licensed?

Occhi Institute has a Permit of Approval from the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

The Institute is also authorized by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to provide CEUs to licensed cosmetologists and estheticians.