1-2 Day Volume Lash Class

Volume Lash Class Results

Volume Lashing is the wave of the future in the eyelash extension industry. This one or two-day training ( depending on students skill level and experience) is designed for the Lash Artist that has mastered Classic Lashing and wants to take her expertise to the next level. This class offers the experienced Lash Artist:

  • Volume Lash Techniques - Learn to pull 2-3-4-5-6 lashes at one time to create fullness and volume. (This method is known as 2D - 6D lashing, Volume or Lashing)
  • Hands on Coordination - Learn the “Art” of Isolation, Lash Fanning, Adhesive Application and Placement.
  • Artistry - Selecting the right lash curl and design of lengths for different eye shapes and styles.

Artistry is what makes your creations amazing, not just ordinary. Volume Lash Training will set you apart from your competition and fast track your revenue stream.

Volume Lash Class includes:

  • Hands on Training on live models
  • Training Manual
  • Audio/Video feedback utilizing EyeTec System ( 2 per student per class)
  • Lunch
  • Volume Lash Kit
  • Certification- Official Certification will be awarded to students who fulfill requirement standards set by The Occhi’ Institute. Continuing Education Units, where applicable

1 Day $895
2 Day $1695

Please call 630-785-6668 for check available dates

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Please call 630-785-6668 for check available dates

Occhi’ Institute can train students in any form of eyelash extensions (Beginning, Advanced, Volume or Advanced Volume), and certify them in these skills. While being certified, you MUST have a Cosmetology or Esthetics License to perform these services on clients.

If you possess a Cosmetology or Esthetics License, you must provide a copy to Occhi' Institute prior to the class. The fee you pay to Occhi' Institute is for training and certification in Eyelash Extensions, not any form of license.

If you live in a different State, it is your responsibility to understand the laws of the State in question regarding performing services.