Visiting G Beauty

Lynn visited the 3 Chicago land G Beauty School locations, at the School's request, speaking to students during July and August. Over 100 aspiring esthetic and cosmetology students were treated to an in-depth view of Eyelash and Eyebrow Training and Techniques by two of the industry’s best.

Visiting G Beauty.jpg

Lynn gave the students an overview of Eyelash extensions and the training we do at Occhi’. She spoke to the girls about Eyebrows and some of the hottest trends, such as Brow Extensions and Semi-Permanent techniques, along with the basics of tinting, waxing, and shaping.

The G students were treated to demos and videos of the training and of the finished products produced by Occhi’ and our training students. One of the more popular segments was the Q & A sessions, where the students “peppered” Lynn with questions for all the knowledge they could take in.

G Beauty has already asked Occhi’ to return and speak to all classes in every session they have.

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