Training Philosophy

Occhi’ Institute for Lash & Brow Training

At The Occhi’ Institute for Lash & Brow Training, we believe the proven formula for incredible Eyelash Extensions and Eyebrow enhancements such as Microblading consist of 2 critical factors;

1.) A highly trained, skilled and certified technician


2.) Using the VERY best products in a clean and sanitary environment.

It is those factors which drive the training philosophy of The Occhi’ Institute. Whether it’s beginning eyelash extensions, eyebrow services such as waxing, tweezing, shaping and tinting, volume eyelash training or Microblading services, our philosophy is the same.

High Quality instruction from Certified experienced Instructors, using the absolute finest products available.

EyeTec System for Lash Training

EyeTec® System

Utilizing proprietary techniques and ground breaking technology, the staff of instructors combines solid training on specific skill sets and the latest in audio/video feedback that enhances the students learning experience.

The EyeTec® System allows the instructor to video the student’s work, critique it both verbally and by drawing examples of the work the student needs to concentrate on. Additionally, the instructor can send the student side-by-side video views of professional work and the student’s actual work... again offering critique and visual communication. This is one of the main reasons we keep our class sizes to a minimum….there will never be more that 5 students per class, and always 2 instructors, so students receive personal attention at all times.

Each student will receive 2 of the A/V critiques included with the class. Also, each student will have access to an APP which will allow them to send more video to the instructors for assistance AFTER they have completed the class. Additional Packages will be available to Alumni students only. (More Photos and video if possible)

It is the goal of The Occhi’Institute and its instructors to provide the absolute finest training and certification in Eyelash and Eyebrow services in the US. These are just some of the reasons The Occhi’ Institute is regularly recognized as one of the top training centers in the country by Eyelash Magazine.

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For more information on specific classes, please see the class breakdown or call Occhi Institute at 630-785-6668.